For those of you in the area, let me plug the two comedy shows I'm taking part in this weekend:

Friday, July 3rd, at VINYL UNDERGROUND in Busan.
Saturday, July 4th, at TANDOORI BAR out in Gimhae.

Real live standup comedians.


BRIAN AYLWARD (Newfoundland, Canada)
*Winner of the 2008 Hong Kong International Comedy Festival

ROSS GARDINER (Glasgow, Scotland)

*Appearing at this year's Edinburgh Festival

ME, SHOWBIZ MCTHARPY (Seattle, baby!)

*Infamous agitator, blogger, rock and roller, fisherman, and provocateur.

Hosted by ROY EARLY

Both shows start at 10:30 (ish)

I recently performed with Brian and Ross up in Seoul, and I can guarantee that they're both funny as fuck.  Ross is heading back to Haggisland soon, so catch him while you can, or before he becomes the next big thing over there.

This will be interesting as it's the first comedy show in Busan since Babopalooza, when we all got arrested.  But we're charging no money and not mocking the Immigration Police, so I'm sure we'll be fine. 

Anyhow, come on out and support this shit while it's here.  Because you never know when you'll get it again.