[Nine] Happy Lunar New Year :)

Hello everyone,

This might be one day late for everyone in Asia, but I hope you are enjoying/enjoyed a wonderful Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day!

In Korea, Seollal 설날 (the Korean name for Lunar New Year) is one of the biggest celebrations in the year. It's a day to spend quality time with family and enjoy great food. In that respect, it's really fitting that this year, Seollal falls on Valentine's Day and that it's one day before Family Day.

Tomorrow, I am going to be making dduk-gook 떡국 which is a Korean soup dish with a beef broth, rice cakes, and vegetables. I will let you all know how it goes afterwards, so stay tuned!

Different types of 떡국  found throughout different regions in Korea

For now, here are some pictures of han-bok 한복 which is the name for Korean traditional costumes. Enjoy the vibrant colours :)

festivities during 설날

foreigners in Korea learn about the Korean New Year

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