New Study: More Problems with Factory Fishing

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University found that fish kept in small tanks become stressed and agitated, exhibiting behavior like that of other animals who are kept in overcrowded or cramped conditions.

The article, reported in  the New York Times quotes Dr. Oldfield, a biology professor at Case, as saying, “If people kept dogs in these conditions, they’d be put in prison. It’s something we should think about.” Alan Duckworth, a research scientist with the Blue Ocean Institute in Cold Spring Harbor, adds that overcrowding farmed fish not only causes stress but it “could increase the amount of disease.”

Overcrowding is a major problem in Ocean factory fish farms (also called ‘offshore aquaculture’) where fish live in conditions similar to chickens or pigs on factory farms. Raised for food, thousands of fish live in large cages and net pens in open ocean waters.  This is dangerous as these facilities threaten coastal and fishing communities, consumers, and the health of our oceans.

This is a concern for everyone, even those of us who do not eat fish, as the pollutants from factory fishing enter ocean waters.

National Geographic’s Idealized Version of Factory Farming

Science* tells us that fish, like other animals, are capable of experiencing both pleasure and pain. The commercial fishing industry disregards this pain for profits. Fish are painfully hooked before being suffocated to death or even skinned alive. They are netted and dragged from the water along with tonnes of unwanted sea creatures which ultimately die as well (by-catch). Do not support this industry with your money. Live your life by your morals, eat veg.

*Studies showing that fish have feelings : Stanford Study, Norwegian Study, University of Edinburgh.


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