NaPoWriMo Day 20: Consider the Following


Consider this:
There are stars, in some faraway galaxy
Burned out and beaming still
Into our eyes on august nights
When the breeze rustles the brown grass
And still, I fret over nonsense things
a spilled glass of water, a misplaced ring
and consider, please
the ocean
in whose depths the glowing stars
of curious fish twinkle and glow
what unexplored vastness lurks? Who knows
and yet, I worry over nothing—
a turn not taken, a word unsaid
but think of it, this tiny world
so vast to us, but floating there
like jellyfish waiting in the depths below
and still I stew over nothing

I don't quite feel that this is finished, but I'm not sure what else to add to it yet to so I'll send it out and fix it later. The prompt was a to start a poem with "consider this", and this thing came tumbling out rather faster than expected. Weird how writing works sometimes.

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