A must-do thing as a YG fan in Seoul!

If you’re a YG fan (or Bigbang, GD, 2NE1 or Psy’s), there is one thing that you should do when you visit Seoul.

Drum roll… Watch the Hologram Concert at Klive! :)

It’s actually even cooler than it sounds with fascinating visual effects and graphics. It felt like we were actually there at a real concert.

Psy talking to us the audience!

Just look at Psy singing Oppan Gangnam Style~! Bring back 2013!

The next concert was the recently opened AWAKE concert by G-Dragon. This 40 minute performance was just breathtaking because there are a lot to see and the sound quality is super great.


There are some skits in between to the songs where if you take photos right before the concert at the photo booth, your photo appears on the pictures G-Dragon select. Super interactive and fun.

Oh, GD could you sing a song for me as well? :)

You can also watch BigBang and 2NE1’s hologram concerts. There are several things to do outside the theater at the Klive hall. You can see a glass mock-up of GD’s Lamborghini car, hand-prints, photo booths to take with YG artists and a nice cozy cafe with a magnificent view of Dongdaemun.

klive1 klive2 klive3



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