[Mar.2-24] ‘Connections’ Exhibit to be presented at New York’s Gallery Maum

Natley & Agnieszka, by Jaiseok Kang

Gallery Maum, located in the heart of NYC’s Koreatown, will be hosting CONNECTIONS, an exhibit studying the interrelatedness between humans and their shared environments.

CONNECTIONS will be hosting the works of sculptor Michael Stefanovich, digital artist Soongsup Shin, painter Daehyuk Sim, printmaker Jiyoun Lee-Lodgeand photographer Jaiseok Kang. These artists’ works are all different in nature and form, however they are connected through the same vision of depicting the underlying relationships between ideas that seem to initially juxtapose. One of the artists, Jaiseok Kang, explains his work, Natley & Agnieszka (shown above):

This portrait project began with the idea which hands are having myriad offeeling as much as its faces. I want to provide the space where two or even three people can share andcreate the diversity of their mutual feelings. They are spontaneously and gradually connecting each other with face andhand, thus they can become free of all their obstacles such as age, gender, race, and appearance.

The exhibition will begin with an opening reception on March 2nd, and will continue to be up until March 24th. For more info about the exhibit, click here.

Gallery Maum
22 West 32nd Street 6Fl,
New York, NY 1001
Opening Reception: March 2, 6-8pm
Exhibition Period : March 2 – March 24, 2012

[Photo: courtesy of Jaiseok Kang]