"With Love Project" launch.

Hello Readers,

With Love Project has been launched.

WLP is based out of Arkansas and was developed to raise money for the HSNPSCF Japan Relief Fund. Yeah, it's a mouthful. This fund was developed to help support a particular area directly.

All of the money given to HSNPSCF (and I mean ALL of it) will be sent to Hanamaki City in Iwate. Hanamaki is housing evacuees from the Tsunami and Earthquake devastation that struck northern Japan on 3.11.2011. Parts of Iwate were completely destroyed. Survivors and their families are seeking refuge in neighboring areas, such as Hanamaki. The funds donated will go directly to supporting Hanamaki in their efforts to offer assistance to all of the people that they are supporting from all over the the evacuated areas.

With Love has launched a store (see below). All royalties from these products will go directly to the HSNPSCF Japan Relief Fund. There are options as well to buy a product and add $5-$100 to your donation.

With Love isn't just about raising money. Wearing your support will raise awareness. We're sure that almost everyone knows about the disaster in Japan. But perhaps they're leaving it to other people to help out. Maybe they just don't know HOW to help. It's our job to let you (and them) know that every little bit helps, and that no gift (be it money, time, or prayer) is too small.

Join us today on facebook: With Love Project

Wear Your Support!

Until next blog,