Lotte Giants Schedule 2013 (from Busan Awesome)


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One of THE BEST things to do in Busan is to go to a Lotte Giants game. Busan loves the Lotte Giants and it’s clear when you go to the games – fans are loud – singing, cheering, and drinking throughout the game. It’s a breath of fresh air after the lethargic crowds at Cincinnati Reds games that I’ve been to over the past 20 years.

It’s cheap, too! Only 7,500 for an outfield or upper-deck seat. Seats on the 1st or 3rd base line are around 10-15,000 (it’s hard to get a seat on the first base line… if you want these, go early!) Seats in better spots are up to 25,000 or so. Beer is only 2 for a can, and – just like home – you can buy it outside on your way in, or buy it from vendors in the stadium. NOTE: if you think it’s going to be crowded, then show up early, since there aren’t assigned seats.

A NOTE ON GETTING TICKETS: Buy tickets at the box office on game days. You can buy tickets from guys outside (scalpers) SOMETIMES (some sold out games we could get tickets; others, we were out of luck). Just be careful – our scalper tried to give us tickets for the wrong date. After we pointed out his “mistake,” he gave us the real tickets for a discounted price. So just be heads-up out there!

the crowd at the lotte giants opening game

The crowd… and yes, those are orange plastic bags on their heads.

NOTE: The box office opens 3 hours before the game if you want to show up early to be sure to get tickets. Getting tickets online didn’t work for me, but if you want to try, you have to use Internet Explorer and go to It’s in Korean, and they have an area where you can type in your ARC card number. For some reason (even with the help of some Koreans), the website wouldn’t accept my number (or any of my other foreign co-workers’ numbers), and wouldn’t let us get tickets that way.

Directions to the field: Metro line 3 (brown line) to Sajik, exit 1. Go one block and turn right. You can’t miss the stadium on your left. See map, below the schedule. (some sources say to take the subway to Sports Complex, but don’t do this. Sajik is closer, and it puts you at the front of the stadium).

So here’s the 2013 Lotte Giants baseball schedule. Home games in BOLD. All games and times are subject to change.

WEEKDAY GAMES are at 6:30.
In APRIL are different: Saturdays at 5pm; Sundays at 2pm.
After April, weekend games will all be at 5pm.

SatMar-30Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunMar-31Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesApr-02Lotte GiantsvsNC DinosatChangwon
WedApr-03Lotte GiantsvsNC DinosatChangwon
ThuApr-04Lotte GiantsvsNC DinosatChangwon
FriApr-05Kia TigersvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SatApr-06Kia TigersvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunApr-07Kia TigersvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriApr-12Lotte GiantsvsDoosan BearsatJamsil, Seoul
SatApr-13Lotte GiantsvsDoosan BearsatJamsil, Seoul
SunApr-14Lotte GiantsvsDoosan BearsatJamsil, Seoul
TuesApr-16Nexen HeroesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedApr-17Nexen HeroesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuApr-18Nexen HeroesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriApr-19Lotte GiantsvsSamsung Lions LionsatDaegu
SatApr-20Lotte GiantsvsSamsung Lions LionsatDaegu
SunApr-21Lotte GiantsvsSamsung Lions LionsatDaegu
TuesApr-23SK WyvernsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedApr-24SK WyvernsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuApr-25SK WyvernsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriApr-26Lotte GiantsvsLG TwinsatJamsil, Seoul
SatApr-27Lotte GiantsvsLG TwinsatJamsil, Seoul
SunApr-28Lotte GiantsvsLG TwinsatJamsil, Seoul
TuesApr-30Lotte GiantsvsHanwha EaglesatDaegu
WedMay-01Lotte GiantsvsHanwha EaglesatDaegu
ThuMay-02Lotte GiantsvsHanwha EaglesatDaegu
FriMay-03Samsung Lions LionsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SatMay-04Samsung Lions LionsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunMay-05Samsung Lions LionsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesMay-07Lotte GiantsvsKia TigersatGwangju
WedMay-08Lotte GiantsvsKia TigersatGwangju
ThuMay-09Lotte GiantsvsKia TigersatGwangju
FriMay-10LG TwinsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SatMay-11LG TwinsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunMay-12LG TwinsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesMay-14NC Dinos vsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedMay-15NC Dinos vsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuMay-16NC Dinos vsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriMay-17Lotte GiantsvsSK WyvernsatMunhak, Incheon
SatMay-18Lotte GiantsvsSK WyvernsatMunhak, Incheon
SunMay-19Lotte GiantsvsSK WyvernsatMunhak, Incheon
FriMay-24Lotte GiantsvsNexen HeroesatMokdong, Seoul
SatMay-25Lotte GiantsvsNexen HeroesatMokdong, Seoul
SunMay-26Lotte GiantsvsNexen HeroesatMokdong, Seoul
TuesMay-28Doosan BearsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedMay-29Doosan BearsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuMay-30Doosan BearsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriMay-31Lotte GiantsvsSamsung Lions LionsatDaegu
SatJun-01Lotte GiantsvsSamsung Lions LionsatDaegu
SunJun-02Lotte GiantsvsSamsung Lions LionsatDaegu
TuesJun-04Kia TigersvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedJun-05Kia TigersvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuJun-06Kia TigersvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriJun-07Lotte GiantsvsLG TwinsatJamsil, Seoul
SatJun-08Lotte GiantsvsLG TwinsatJamsil, Seoul
SunJun-09Lotte GiantsvsLG TwinsatJamsil, Seoul
TuesJun-11Nexen HeroesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedJun-12Nexen HeroesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuJun-13Nexen HeroesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriJun-14Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SatJun-15Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunJun-16Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesJun-18Lotte GiantsvsDoosan BearsatDaegu
WedJun-19Lotte GiantsvsDoosan BearsatDaegu
ThuJun-20Lotte GiantsvsDoosan BearsatDaegu
FriJun-21Lotte GiantsvsSK WyvernsatMunhak, Incheon
SatJun-22Lotte GiantsvsSK WyvernsatMunhak, Incheon
SunJun-23Lotte GiantsvsSK WyvernsatMunhak, Incheon
TuesJun-25NC Dinos vsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedJun-26NC Dinos vsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuJun-27NC Dinos vsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesJul-02Samsung Lions LionsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedJul-03Samsung Lions LionsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuJul-04Samsung Lions LionsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriJul-05Lotte GiantsvsKia TigersatGwangju
SatJul-06Lotte GiantsvsKia TigersatGwangju
SunJul-07Lotte GiantsvsKia TigersatGwangju
TuesJul-09Lotte GiantsvsNexen HeroesatMokdong, Seoul
WedJul-10Lotte GiantsvsNexen HeroesatMokdong, Seoul
ThuJul-11Lotte GiantsvsNexen HeroesatMokdong, Seoul
FriJul-12Lotte GiantsvsNC DinosatChangwon
SatJul-13Lotte GiantsvsNC DinosatChangwon
SunJul-14Lotte GiantsvsNC DinosatChangwon
TuesJul-16LG TwinsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedJul-17LG TwinsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesJul-23Lotte GiantsvsHanwha EaglesatDaejeon
WedJul-24Lotte GiantsvsHanwha EaglesatDaejeon
ThuJul-25Lotte GiantsvsHanwha EaglesatDaejeon
FriJul-26SK WyvernsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SatJul-27SK WyvernsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunJul-28SK WyvernsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesJul-30Doosan BearsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedJul-31Doosan BearsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuAug-01Doosan BearsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesAug-06Kia TigersvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedAug-07Kia TigersvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
ThuAug-08Lotte GiantsvsLG TwinsatJamsil, Seoul
FriAug-09Lotte GiantsvsLG TwinsatJamsil, Seoul
SatAug-10Lotte GiantsvsSK WyvernsatMunhak, Incheon
SunAug-11Lotte GiantsvsSK WyvernsatMunhak, Incheon
TuesAug-13Lotte GiantsvsDoosan BearsatJamsil, Seoul
WedAug-14Lotte GiantsvsDoosan BearsatJamsil, Seoul
ThuAug-15Nexen HeroesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriAug-16Nexen HeroesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SatAug-17NC Dinos vsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunAug-18NC Dinos vsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesAug-20Lotte GiantsvsHanwha EaglesatDaejeon
WedAug-21Lotte GiantsvsHanwha EaglesatDaejeon
SatAug-24Samsung Lions LionsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunAug-25Samsung Lions LionsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesAug-27Lotte GiantsvsKia TigersatGwangju
WedAug-28Lotte GiantsvsKia TigersatGwangju
ThuAug-29Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriAug-30Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SatAug-31LG TwinsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunSep-01LG TwinsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesSep-03Lotte GiantsvsNexen HeroesatMokdong, Seoul
WedSep-04Lotte GiantsvsNexen HeroesatMokdong, Seoul
ThuSep-05SK WyvernsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
FriSep-06SK WyvernsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesSep-10Lotte GiantsvsNC DinosatChangwon
WedSep-11Lotte GiantsvsNC DinosatChangwon
ThuSep-12Lotte GiantsvsSamsung Lions LionsatDaegu
FriSep-13Lotte GiantsvsSamsung Lions LionsatDaegu
SatSep-14Doosan BearsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
SunSep-15Doosan BearsvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
TuesSep-17Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan
WedSep-18Hanwha EaglesvsLotte GiantsatSajik, Busan