Lotte Cinema Centum City Offers Special Screenings of Older Movies

Ben HurThe Mission

Dirty Dancing

The Lotte Cinema in Centum City is screening “Ben Hur” (1959),  “The Mission” (1986), and “Dirty Dancing” (1987), a fairly surprising move for a giant chain of theatres that usually plays only new movies. The films couldn’t be any different in terms of substance or style.

“Ben Hur” is a nearly four hour epic (and winner of 11 Academy Awards) directed by one of the most revered Hollywood filmmakers of the 1950s, William Wyler. Set in Jerusaleum during Roman times, it tells the story of a Jew (Charlton Heston) who seeks revenge after unjustly being sent to the galleys by his childhood-friend-turned-governor. If you’re gonna sit down and watch this beast, the only way to do it is in front of a big screen.

“The Mission” stars Robert Deniro and Jeremy Irons as two Spanish missionaries in Brazil who struggle to protect a local tribe from enslavement after the colony is handed over to the Portugese. Roland Joffe (”The Killing Fields”) won the Palme d’Or for this generally overlooked period piece.

“Dirty Dancing” is necessary viewing for anyone into 80s pop culture. The plot is pretty straightforward – it’s about a girl (Jennifer Grey) who falls in love with her dashing dance instructor (Patrick Swayze) at a summer resort. Don’t expect anything serious; this cult-classic is mostly known for its campiness.

Screening Times:


Thursday June 11 & Friday June 12 at 19:30

Saturday June 13 & Sunday June 14 at 15:00, 19:30


Thursday June 18, Saturday June 20, Monday June 22 & Wednesday June 24 at 15:00, 17:30, 20:00


Friday June 19, Sunday June 21 & Tuesday June 23 at 16:00, 18:05, 20:10