Looking For Seomyeon John


Back in 2003, when there were only two subway lines and every Busan traveler had to make their way through Seomyeon, there was a man named Seomyeon John. He lived in the station, and devoted his life to 'helping foreigners.' He was well known at the time, and got a cover story in the foreigner magazine that came before Haps. But I haven't seen him in a decade, and can't find anyone who remembers him.

In a hope to round up someone who knows something, or just hear another Seomyeon John story, I'm sharing the complete 68 page graphic novel I made about him. If you know anyone who was here in the early aughts, please show this to them! I'd love to know what happened to my friend.

Thank you for reading. If you know anything about John, e-mail me at [email protected]

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Re: Looking For Seomyeon John

That was a great read, thanks! I thought something was familiar with the artwork, and then on going to your website realised that I'd seen your "Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes". Loving your work!

Re: Looking For Seomyeon John

Thanks! Yep, Learn To Read Korean in 15 Minutes was me! Unfortunately, I forgot to put my name on it like a dummy so no one knows it!