Long Over Due: Drinking with Co-workers

I will never ever get used to the fact that it is not just socially acceptable but socially necessary to drink with your co-workers in Korea.  The women tend to be very jealous that I don't turn bright red after a drink or two but mainly it's just a lot of fun. People aren't so embarrassed to try out their English skills after a few shots of soju and it's easier for me to be social. Anyways, we went to Moloondae (romanization??) and wandered around Dadaepo beach which is about an hour from Yangsan. It was nice to get out of the city and just walk around. 

 I could be teaching or doing lessons plans but nope! I got to spend the gorgeous afternoon strolling around and looking at this. It was kind of amusing, when other people passed us they always stared, pointed and talked about me (ooo waegook saram!). I don't think my co-workers realized what foreigners go through on a daily basis. They know the kids always give me lots of attention but somehow that's different.
Gorgeous, no?

I have about 10 more photos that I'd love to upload from the bar, the crazy light/water show and so forth but blogger is extremely unhappy with me today.

More updates this week, I promise!