A little change of pace

Greetings all my wonderful readers,

A little change of pace around the blog will be coming soon - just my way of getting back on topic or in my niche, if you will. That niche is travel and about life in Korea - editorials and blockquotes from news stories are interesting as well, but I've found I spend so much time on them that I'm getting away from the things I truly want to write about. That means you'll see a few less posts every week - I trust quality will keep you coming back rather than quantity.

Don't worry, you'll still see the occasional editorial / opinion or news story, especially if it pertains to life in Korea or how foreigners are treated in Korea. If you need the up-to-the-minute fix, check out Brian in Jeollanam-do's blog. Seriously, I don't know how he updates 5+ times a day - what's your secret, man?

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming :)

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