Liquid Arts Podcast - Liquid Books: Tales of Braving Ulysses

The Liquid Arts podcast network launches its first “Liquid Books” podcast with “Tales of Braving Ulysses.” Join Steve Feldman, Frank Beaucher and Bob Perchan, three long-time Liquid Arts collaborators, for their “stream-of-consciousness” chat on James Joyce’s mammoth masterwork Ulysses--that sprawling tale of one single day in the life of inconsequential “everyman,” Leopold Bloom of Dublin, who, in his resolute humanity, becomes the equal of the greatest hero who ever lived. The greatest novel of the 20th century? Or just the most abandoned by bewildered readers after 120 pages? Whether you’ve read it, tried to read it, or are just curious about this imposing literary landmark, “Tales of Braving Ulysses” will entertain and enlighten. Steve Feldman, Frank Beaucher and Bob Perchan are three English teachers and writers who have all lived for decades in Busan, South Korea where they have collaborated in several Liquid Arts and pre-Liquid Arts readings, plays, films, blogs, and stand-up comedy shows.

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