Learning Korean and Life in Korea

Last night I came home from work stressed. I had another day full of classes where I fear very little learning is going on due to my co-teacher's refusal to deviate from the textbook or even stick to using English.  I had a French class at 8 that I couldn't find the article I was supposed to have prepared and a Korean class at 9 that I hadn't been able to figure out the make up lesson for (was far too sick last week to venture out of my apartment Tuesday night). Not to mention I made the ridiculously awful decision to wear my super cute platform wedges (2 inch heel, nothing major but black patent leather fabulousness) to school and finished the day with very sore ankles despite my ankle brace wearing. My own fault but it still was not pretty to see my hobbling around my apartment. 

1. Text French tutor and ask to re-email the article. (5pm isn't last minute at ALL.)
2. Take ibuprofen, put on comfy flats.
3. Decide to go to Korean class early rather than take a 10 minute break to interrogate my teacher on the proper placement of the object in question formation.
4. Take deep breaths and eat some Oreos.

Really Oreos and Ritz crackers make me feel much better. I had bacon and Ritz again for dinner and it was FABULOUS. I might actually gain back the 3 kilos I've been desperately trying for the past few months.  Don't worry, I ate extra veggies at lunch to balance the lack at dinner.

Everything ended up going well and there wasn't a pop quiz in Korean class which means I didn't horribly embarrass myself (not that anyone but me would have cared). We started learning about the past tense so that we can write diary entries and I got stupidly excited and giddy about it. Nothing is sexier than learning the past tense...except for maybe learning the future tense.  Not to mention, I maintain that being allowed to have a beer during class is fantastic.

In the end, my day finished on a good note.  Let's see how my dinner with the co-workers goes tonight. I just LOVE sitting in silence for 2 hours broken occasionally by comments about how well I use chopsticks, the weather and if I'm really lucky, my lack of marriage and babies!