Considering Laser Vision Correction but not sure where to start?

Let`s learn more together about differences in types of surgeries and factors you need to take into 


Type of refraction error, level of astigmatism, age, patient`s lifestyle, work and hobbies all play quite an important

role in choosing the appropriate type of surgery. Let`s learn a bit more about the process of different surgery types.

LASEK – is a type of surgery when subepithelial ablation is used. After the upper layer of the cornea is removed chemically or with excimer laser. Advantages of LASEK are cornea resistance to external factors, but the disadvantage is a longer recovery compared to the other types of surgeries.

LASIK – is a type of surgery when stromal ablation is used after forming a corneal flap with femto-laser or microkeratome. The main advantage of LASIK type of surgery is relatively fast recovery but cornea week to external impacts may be a disadvantage.

ReLEx SMILE ( SMILE LASIK) – is a type of surgery when intrastromal lenticule extraction is performed. 
SMILE advantages are minimal corneal damage and maximum fast recovery. Price is relatively higher than LASIK or LASEK types, which may be considered a disadvantage.

And now let`s find out what type would be the best for you!

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