Korean War Song: 6.25 Song (6.25의 노래)

Here is the translation of a patriotic war song that was popular on the southern side during the Korean War. It is simply named the 6.25 song (六.二五의 노래) after the first day of the Korean war. Pamphlets with the song's lyrics were printed and distributed by the Military Public Information Service of Korea as part of their war propaganda. The song used to be taught to middle and high-school children until the 80's, when anti-communism was at its peak. However this  seems to have stopped with the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the Sunshine policy of reconciliation.

아, 아, 잊으랴! 어찌 우리 이 날을~ 조국의 원수들이 짓밟아 오던 날을 
맨 주먹 붉은 피로 원수를 막아내어 발을 굴러 땅을 치며 울분에 떤 날을

Ah, Ah, How can we forget the day!
When the enemy of our motherland came and trampled our soil
We kept the enemy in check with our bare fist and red blood
The day we stamped on the floor, trembling with rage

(후렴) 이제야 갚으리 그날의 원수를~~ 쫓기는 적의 무리 쫓고 또 쫓아
원수의 하나까지~ 쳐서 무찔러 이제야 빛내리 이 나라 이 겨레

(Chorus) This day, the enemy will now pay for it
That chased bunch of enemies, we'll chase and chase
We'll kill and wipe down every one of them
And now we'll bring glory to this country and this nation

아, 아, 잊으랴! 어찌 우리 이 날을~ 불의의 역도들을 멧도적 오랑캐를
 하늘의 힘을 빌어 모조리 쳐부수어 흘러온 값진 피의 원한을 씻으리

Ah, Ah, How can we forget the day!
The wicked traitors, the wild thieves, the northern barbarians
With the help of the heavens, we'll break them down until the very last one
In a flow of precious blood, we'll wash away our grudge

아, 아, 잊으랴! 어찌 우리 이 날을~ 정의는 이기는 것 이기고야 마는 것
 자유를 위하여서 싸우고 또 싸워서 다시는 이런 날을 오지 않게하리 

Ah, Ah, How can we forget the day!
Justice will prevail, it will prevail in the end
We'll fight and fight again for freedom
And make sure this day never comes again



Re: Korean War Song: 6.25 Song (6.25의 노래)

Thank you very much for providing the English translation! Peaceful and conciliatory lyrics abound.

I have heard this song in a 1974 propaganda movie "Jeungeon" and now my cinematic experience is complete.