Korean Newspapers’ Headlines Are A National Embarrassment

Korean Newspapers Need to Apologize to Japan
Here is the Japanese link to the Korean newspapers’ coverage of the enormous earthquake in Japan on Friday. For those that know no Korean, “침몰” translates to the word sinking. So, the headline on both of the newspapers in the link is, basically, “Japan Sinking.” ARE YOU $%(*Y$% KIDDING ME?  What’s next?  “The Japan Syndrome?”

It Is No Excuse
The natural excuse here will be that Japan Sinking is the name of a Korean movie based on a Japanese book. That isn’t a good excuse when it actually happens. There are many long-standing, justifiable grievances that Korea has against Japan. Now is not the time nor place to resolve them. Headlines like this make Korea look foolish, spiteful, and infantile on the international stage. These newspapers (서울신문 and 중앙일보) owe Japan an apology. Now.