Korean Ddung dolls

Do you know Ddung yet?  Well you should!!

Ddung is an adorable little 4 year old girl who knows everything and has a chubby little belly!

Her name is Korean is written as “뚱 Ddung” but sometimes people call her “뚱이 Ddungy” because its cuter!

It should be noted, her name is NOT pronounced like “dung” as in poo, but “ddoo~ng” in Korean. means kind of a sour pout face, which the doll has ♥

Ddung is a brand that was dreamed up by the Korean design team Seol who have worked on many projects here in Korea and several doll lines, but the Ddung line is by far the most successful and largest range of products currently.


Nickname: DDUNGY / Crazy 4 year old
Age: 4    Blood type: O    Birthday: Dec 19th    Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height:99cm    Weight:17Kg    Hair: Insanely curly
Motto: Being pretty is being good. There is a life inside a TV.
Personality: I like to act pretty and sassy. I’m always positive. If I like someone, I express it right away.
Hobby: Making up songs. Practicing my secret moves. Talking frankly  Skills: Fashion show, Drawing
Fave Color: Pink     Fave Food: Potato, Ice cream, Chocolate. Chicken, Strawberry
Hate Food: Carrot, Milk, Tomato, Beans
Fashion : Cutesie sassy style.


Ddungs mother is a famous panty designer, so when she is at home she always wear underpants… and so does her Omma and Appa! Appa is a toy designer, so Ddung gets spoiled with new toys her Appa designs often!  Her natural hair is black and very curly, but now you can buy her with many hair and eye colors.

Ddung has a little boyfriend named Bong-gu! ♥ He appears often in special doll sets with Ddung and on products.

I really love Bong-gu, he reminds me of Nara lol ♥

Currently Ddung comes in two sizes, 11cm and 18cm. My favorite to collect is the 11cm because its a bit more delicate-looking.

♥ Here we have a size chart of the popular dolls by Seol, Korea ♥

Mini Ddung 11cm, Ddung 18cm, Cherry Cat, Blings Kids, Blings Plush

Ddung and Bung-gu come in a vast number of clothing options including themed and character sets!

You can also buy lots of extra clothing for the dolls! Some is special and very detailed, and others are more everyday looks.  Depending on the detail the clothing sets can range from around 17,000원 – 32,000원 ($17-$32)

Ddung is one of the larger brands of children’s collectable dolls here in Korea right now! She is modestly priced and the detail and care in her clothing and accessories makes her a sought after toy for young girls as well as older collectors.

She is handmade in Korea and a PVC plastic based doll ♥

Often things like this are outsourced to China here in Korea which lowers the cost, but also the quality. Things that are promoted as “Made in Korea” here are usually of a finer quality/ from a smaller factory so this makes things cost a little more~ but overall the result is much nicer on many products.  Lots of the nicer stationary brands like Jetoy Choochoo cats are made here in Korea in smaller factories♥

Due to the large success of the Ddung dolls with girls in Korea, the line has now grown even larger into a brand geared towards young girls and collectors. You can buy everything from play-sets, to clothing, bags, perfume, makeup, school supplies, phone cases, you name it!

Since the appeal is a wider range of ages from toddler to teenagers the selection of goodies is really great and reasonably priced! Products feature both fun images of the doll and original illustrations of the character.

The youth Ddung clothing line is very adorable, its a little trendy, cute, and sporty!

They also make a line of Ddung products for teens+, perfect if you like cute character style!

Here are some special Korean Red Devil Soccor fan Ddung in both the mini and full-size!!

Where to buy Ddung?

If you are in Korea you can find Ddung in toy stores, larger stationary shops, and several specialty stores! If you are passing through Korea you can often find her Hanbok (traditional korean dress) doll range for sale at the airport, but they are a bit overpriced.  G-market or the official website are also great places to keep an eye out for goodies if you can not make it to the stores~ the official site is pretty good about updating.

If you live outside Korea you can find select Ddung doll styles (Often the Mini size in collectable outfits) on Ebay or through G-market.

♥ ♥ ♥

Locations with large Ddung sections in Korea


♥ ♥ ♥

I have bought Ddung through Ebay in the past and have not had any problems, just make sure the seller comes from Korea since Ddung is often bootlegged in Asia.  Authentic dolls come in detailed display-friendly boxes and will have a holographic Ddung sticker on the bottom of it.

The most common bootleg of Ddung is as a “fashion doll keychain” that you can find at the cheap accessory shops here in Korea. She has a similar head to the original Ddung girl, but the body is usually really long and slender and the face is not as cute. These are being sold on Ebay and various places online, so just be aware that she is not a real Ddung, which is why she costs a lot less!  So far I have only ever seen bootlegs as key chains/phone straps.

Do you collect Ddung? Which ones do you have?  Right now I only have the Alice, but I will be buying more soon now that I have my own apartment to put them in hehe! ♥

For more Ddung pictures of the dolls check out an eye candy post HERE filled with pics!


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