Kimchi Americano's Bar Review: Mou

This review was penned by a new Kimchi Queen writer. Hailing from the states and of Korean descent, his nickname is Kimchi Americano. Without further ado, here is Kimchi Americano's first bar review.


Bar Mou is a quaint little bar located a little off from the main hustle and bustle of exit 5 in Jongno. The owner (who by the way is tanned, handsome, and toned) was a long time bartender at Friends before starting Mou about two years ago. The bar has a large following, and the place seems packed with regulars every time I visit. 

Mou has a friendly staff of two, and seats about twenty. The décor is filled with fresh flowers, and quirky artwork from regular patrons of the bar. As with all cocktail bars in Jongno, no side dishes need to be ordered to get a drink. Unlike other cocktail bars that usually offer a cup of stale pretzels or peanuts, Mou offers a small plate of crackers, cheese, and sliced bananas. Their cocktails are priced at around 7,000 won to 12,000 won, and they offer a wide variety of beers and high end liquors that can be kept at the bar for regulars. A favorite of many customers is their mojito (I usually notice the bartender making an endless number of mojitos on any given night), but I tend to prefer their Midori Sours.

Mou is one of the only bars in Jongno where I have seen foreign customers on a regular basis. Though the owner doesn’t speak fluent English, he has managed to make a friendly environment for customers from all over the world, and always strikes up a conversation with those seated at the bar area.  It’s a great place to go by yourself and unwind for a little bit while watching superstar K or checking out the cute Korean boys.

To get to Mou, get off at exit 6 of Jongno 5-ga station. Turn around and make a left at the 4-way intersection. Keep going down for about 5 minutes (you’ll pass Wallpaper, which is a popular karaoke bar, and a CU convenience store) and Mou will be on your left.