K&F Magnetic Nano Filter Kit

Ever since I bought my K&F square filters last year, I have been impressed with how well they were built and the quality of the images that I have made with them. Not only that, I joined their amazing facebook community and have loved all the activity that takes place in that group.

One of the best parts about the group are the numerous ways to win free products from the company. This is something that is pretty unusual for companies these days and something that I feel says a lot about the kind of company that K&F is. They are actively supporting their community by giving back to the photographers that support their business!

How exactly are they doing this? Each month they have a contest in their facebook community giving regular photographers the chance to win some of their gear. No purchase necessary and no need to be a flaky instagram influencer either.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky winners a couple of months ago and won a set of their Magnetic Nano Series Filter Kit. This included a UV filter, CPL, and an ND1000. I was extremely eager to test these out as I love the idea of the magnetic attachment system as opposed to screwing on and off circular filters like I used to to.

The Key Features:

The Magnetic Attachment System

The standout feature of this filter kit is the magnetic attachment system. The filters incorporate a magnetic frame that securely attaches to a thin metal ring, which is easily screwed onto the lens. This magnetic design allows for quick and hassle-free filter swapping without the need for screwing or threading.

This honestly saves you more time than you think. Some cheaply made filters are notorious for getting stuck on the ends of lenses and they can be a nightmare to get off if you accidentally over tighten them. With this system, you never have to worry about that again. The filters just pop on and off with a smooth and satisfying magnetic click.

Another great feature is that the magnets are strong enough to securely attach not just one filter but all of the filters in the set! So that means you get the same stacking ability as you will with the square filters but with the ease of use of the magnetic attachment.

High-Quality Optics

The K&F Magnetic Nano Series filters are made using high-end optical glass with multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings. This basically means that you are not going to get and weird artifacts, colour casts, ghosting or glare in your shots. The filters deliver exceptional optical performance, maintaining image sharpness and detail.

This is something that really surprised me even with the square filters. For the price point that these filters sell for, you’d expect a little bit some distortion or colour cast being that most ND1000 filters of this quality see for a lot more money. Yet, in my tests, I have not noticed any issues. In fact, I have been seriously impressed with the level of detail in the images that I too with these filters.

Build Quality

The build quality of the K&F Magnetic Nano Series Filter Kit is amazing to say the least! The aluminum alloy filter frames feel sturdy and durable, providing ample protection for the glass. Nothing in this kit feels cheap or poorly made.

The metal rings that attach to the lens are slim and attach to the lens well. Even with all of the filters attached they don’t cause any interference or hindering the use of lens caps or lens hoods on my canon EOS R.

The magnetic connection is secure and reliable, ensuring the filters remain firmly in place during use. This was something that I was wondering about when I first got them. I didn’t think that you could securely stack the filters to get the benefits of the UV protection, the CPL and the ND1000. Yet, in all trials recently, the filters attached securely and no light leaks were detected.

The filters are also lightweight, making them easy to carry and handle in the field. Not to mention that a lot of thought went into the design of the pouch. I have mine clipped to the strap on my backpack. This adds so much to the ease of use for this system. I don’t have to go digging around for anything.

You can even clip them to your belt as another option too. This little pouch is something that I actually wish that my larger square filters came with as I was forced to use a cloth pouch that I picked up from Daiso to hold everything.


The magnetic attachment system gives you hassle-free filter swapping and eliminates the need for time-consuming movements like digging through your bag or trying to juggle cases and pouches when putting them on or taking them off your lens. This makes the kit ideal for fast-paced shooting situations or when working in challenging weather or lighting conditions.

The magnetic frame is designed to minimize vignetting, ensuring compatibility with wide-angle lenses. I normally shoot with my 24-105mm lens and have yet to see any vignetting. The filters are clearly labeled, and their thin profiles facilitate stacking multiple filters without significant vignetting issues.

The included filter case, as I mentioned before, provides secure storage and easy organization for the filters during transport. Not to mention that it is particularly low-profile meaning that the whole kit and case won’t take up too much space in your camera bag.

The bottomline here is that the K&F Magnetic Nano Series Filter Kit offers excellent value for photographers seeking a versatile and reliable filter system. There is absolutely no reason to shell out big bucks for over-priced filters when you can get it all done with these filters for a fraction of the cost.

With their magnetic attachment system, high-quality optics, nano-coating technology, and wide range of included filters, this kit caters to your various photography needs. I can’t say enough good things about this system. I have rarely been this impressed with a piece of equipment before but I am honestly telling you that these are great filters.

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