This Just In: Korean Peninsula Isn’t Going To Be War Theatre

And Now…N Korea Proposes Reopening Kaesong Complex

So I guess war isn’t imminent. On Voice of America (you should follow @W7VOA on Twitter for the best information on Korea), it was probably said best when it said “The closer you are to the Korean peninsula, the less fearful you are of imminent war.” I wonder if anyone was paying attention. In any case, it appears that Kim Jong-Un has satisfied whatever internal challengers he faced. As long as there is no military accident (i.e. accidental war is possible when armies are this close to each other), it continues to be very, very unlikely that the Korean War will be engulfed in a full-scale war. So while the civilian drills will need to occur (I wonder if this was to help Kim Jong-Un “See I made Seoul blink,”), the central thesis of this blog continues: China, the U.S., Japan have other problems and interdependencies which are too large to allow a total diplomatic breakdown which would lead to full-scale war.