Juice Fast Day 4

Juice Fast Day 4

Kitchen machines are attractive. Their shiny exterior, compact nature and creative niches. By inserting a few ingredients and flicking a button, the machine comes to life with a whirl and gargle creating magic in moments. No wonder I became so excited by my new juicer.

My juicer is a centrifugal juice extractor

The motor can run anywhere between 3000RPM to 7000RPM, making centrifugal juicers the fastest of all the juicers in juice kingdom. It’s like having a drill in the kitchen. I love mine because not a single part of the jug comes into contact with the engine, or is able to dribble into it. It’s a superb design. Even the little cleaning brush fits perfectly into the spout. Bonus: It’s also easy to clean.

If you have limited time to juice and want to make fresh juice as quick as possible then a centrifugal juice extractor is the best choice. Centrifugal juice extractors are generally the cheapest, I picked my TEFOL branded juicer for 79,000 won (~$79) at HomePlus. The only down side is that sometimes I can tell the pulp still has moisture in it, so it’s not fully utilizing the vegetables.

My results so far

This morning my skin was glowing. My skin tone is even and soft to touch, but today was the first day I noticed my eyes – White. I’ve never had ‘yellow’ eyes, but I didn’t realize they could get so much whiter. They are rather attractive. I look and feel more alert and young. Which is funny because I’ve never felt tired and old(er). I guess you never know the potential of your body until you achieve it.

More details tomorrow. Onto the recipes.

No longer in the shackles of a novice, I am capable of creating juices of all varieties. I’ve been mixing it up with new recipes and brand new ingredients. Who knew you could juice asparagus?

Juice Recipe 11 –  All Berry (Brunch)

2 Cups mixed black berries (frozen)

2 Cups blueberries (frozen)

2 Cups strawberries (fresh)

1/2 crushed walnuts

I used frozen berries to add texture to the smoothie. The walnuts are to increase the protein content and cease the morning tummy rumblings. The sprinkled nuts make it fun to eat with a spoon.

Juice Recipe 12 –  Asparagus

1- 2 Large carrots

3 Ripe tomatoes

8 Stalks of asparagus (cut off the tough stems)

Verdict: I was very surprised at the amount of juice in asparagus. The taste was similar to most green vegetables, so the carrots add a pleasant sweetness.

Juice Recipe 13 – Bloody Beets

3 large apples       +        1/2 beet (you can juice the leafs of the beet too, I didn’t)

Juice Recipe 14 – A Certain Shade of Green

1 Green Capsicum

2 Stalks of celery

3 Stalks of kale

4 Sinned cucumbers

Squirt of lime

I’ve been drinking so much juice, I ran out of glasses so I had to put this one in a container (muwhaha).

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