Juice Fast Day 3

Juice Fast Day 3

My skin is radiant. I’m positive that the unflattering dark circles under my eyes have decreased by at least half, and that’s after only 2 days of juice! My skin feels softer and my skin tone is more even.

I exercised again last night, without any difficulty and slept like a baby. Have I mentioned that I’ve never done a juice fast before? Not once. Or that I’m very excitable and jump into things before I’m fully prepared? It’s true. And whilst researching new combinations of vegetables to be crushed in my juice machine, I’ve learnt new ways to increase the amount of protein in my juice.

Protein Power Juice

Vegetables do contain protein, just not as much as beans, legumes and nuts. You can get enough protein from vegetables in the interim, but it’s not recommended long-term, especially if your working out. Winners in the protein race are;

1st    Protein: 14%   Sundried Tomatoes – Gross, don’t juice these

6th     6%   Garlic

13th    4%  Spinach

27th    3%  Kale

30th    3%  Asparagus

34th    3%  Parsley

For breakfast I ground up some walnuts and almonds and added them to my morning berry delicious (recipe from yesterday).

Then for lunch, I was mindful of adding lots of kale, spinach and parsley.

Juice Recipe 8: Cucumber Spinach Celery (Mid-morning)

3 cups of spinach

4 skinned cucumbers

2 stalks of celery

Squeeze of a lime

Juice Recipe 9: Forever Young (Lunch)

3 leaves of kale

2 stalks of celery

2 large chunks (4cm by 4 by 10) of pineapple

1 green apple

Verdict: Pineapple needs to be juiced very slowly to extract the maximum quantity of juice

Juice Recipe 10: Savory Dream (2pm)

4 pipped tomatoes

1 cup of celery

1/4 chopped onion

pinch of salt

splash of worcestershire sauce

pinch of black pepper

I’ve also prepared a carrot juice and orange juice as snacks for when my tummy rumbles, and of course lots of water and some redbush tea.

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