Juice Fast Day 2

Juice Fast Day 2

I’m actually feeling pretty good. No dizziness, no exhaustion and no body odor – that I’m aware of.

I slept well last night. For a mere 7 hours, whereas I would normally sleep for at least 8. As I wasn’t tired, I continued to play peek-a-boo with Mungmi (sweet shitzu) into the wee hours. Perhaps I was so energized because I exercised at 6pm, but running that late is not unusual. In fact, I had sufficient energy to run 9kms,  a decent distance, and felt rather invigorated afterwards.

Bathroom visit have been frequent,  but of one kind and not the other. Not surprising as I’ve digested little fiber. I have been drinking juice every two hours or so, supplemented by Rooibos tea (highly recommended) and lots of water.

So far the hunger pangs have been purely mental. Although I salivated over my boyfriends pizza last night, and inhaled deep when the bread turned to toast this morning. But I’m not actually hungry.

Juice Recipe 5: Berry delicious (breakfast)


3 1/2 cups raspberries

3 1/2 cups blueberries

Splash soy milk

Blended not juiced. Yes, I drank them both.



Juice Recipe 6: Carrot Juice (Lunch)

2 very large washed carrots

1 large red/green apple

Juice Recipe 7: Green Monster (2pm)

2 stalks of kale

1 stalk of celery (inc. leaves)

2 peeled cucumbers

3 large wedges of pineapple

Verdict: Pineapple is better eaten as is, rather than juiced. You will get more bang for the quantity.

I’ve also been sipping on some pure natural OJ. This time, I removed the skin and juiced only the rind and flesh of the fruit. Much sweeter.

Initially I was strictly following recipes I found on the web, but as long as you taste as you juice, it’s easy to create your own combination without much distress. Not sure what’s for dinner yet, I have a load of kale and spinach in the fridge, so I’ll see what I can muster – stay tuned.

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