"I've got Brians in my Head, I've got Feet in my Shoes...

... I can steer myself any direction I choose."  (Oh Dr. Seuss, I love you!)

Last month for Teacher's Day, (yes Korea has a Teacher's Day and I've gotten some lovely and very heartwarming things because of it) I received a fancy envelope from the parents of my Kindergarten kiddos. 

Inside that fancy envelope was a fancy gift certificate to Centum City, "The Worlds Largest Department Store".  It was very generous, and don't worry (MOM) I wrote them all 'Thank You' cards the very next day. 

Since then I've been making lists of what I could buy, which for me is quite a bit of fun, I thought of things from goat cheese to make-up to a massage.  Today I finally stopped looking at it, and spent a good chunk of it. 

And after much list-making, what I bought were:


I jumped on the bandwagon and bought some TOMS.  Only bringing 3 pairs of shoes with me to Korea I needed some new shoes anyway; and, I wanted something cute but also substantial enough to traipse around Japan in. Plus their mission of giving shoes to children in need softened the blow of the extra cost.

I had originally planned on getting a demure pair of navy or black ones, very basic and easy.  But even before the sales lady told me that they were sold out in anything above a 6 in those styles I started noticing the bolder colors. I wanted something versatile...

and then I remembered who I am, and bought these instead:

I mean it has been too long since I've had bright pink shoes! 
And who am I to have quiet shoes?

From Busan with Un-Demure Footwear,

From Roam with Love