Indian / Asian food markets at Sasang
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delicious sauces and bases, sasang asian markets, busanAh yes, the famed Asian food markets at Sasang. I had always heard about these markets, but had never tried them, mostly because I don’t know how to cook. Anything.

Luckily, my fiance is into cooking, so off we went to the markets. After some wandering around, we finally found them and were not at all disappointed. They’re a cluster of three stores – Asia Mart, Asian Food Mart, and New World Market. I found the Asia Mart (the one around the corner from the other two) to be the best – mostly because the lady helped us pick out some ingredients.

chickpeas and curry, sasang asian markets, busanlentils, chickpeas and other beans and noodles at the sasang asian food markets, busan




new world market sign front, sasang, busanasian food mart sign front, sasang, busan


You can find everything between the three stores – cilantro, samosas, pho, green curry, red curry, coconut milk, split chickpeas, canned chickpeas, lentils, and all the stuff you need to make hummus. There are also numerous other kinds of noodles, as well as all varieties of lentils and assorted pickle things. And there’s definitely a ton of other stuff that I know nothing about.

*Also, the people who own the Asia Mart also own the Indian buffet restaurant Sangam, which is a couple doors down from the shops toward the main street. (see map for details)

Directions: Metro line 2 (green) to Sasang, exit 3. Walk straight out maybe 100-200 meters, past a parking lot, and turn RIGHT just before the E-mart. The three food markets are almost a block down on your right, and around the next corner.

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Re: Indian / Asian food markets at Sasang

I have both shopped at the Indian food stores and eaten at Sangam. The products at the stores were fascinating - I am not enough of a foodie to describe their quality - but be sure to check the expiry dates!

The food at Sangam was great but we had a lot wait for the food to arrive - maybe we were there too early and the entree's were not yet prepared.  I say that because our party of five had the restaurant to ourselves; there was no mealtime rush to cause a delay.

Re: Indian / Asian food markets at Sasang

Regarding Sangam, if you don't want to wait, they have a buffet too!

... and if you're waiting, you at least know it's being made right there, and not being re-heated!