I feel it closing in...

You know the bit in Goodfellas where Ray Liotta's cooking dinner, transporting coke and dealing with his family while off his nut and getting tailed by a helicopter?

Well apart from the hard drugs and felony, that's kind of how I'm feeling at the moment. This week we're pretty busy with clearing our apartment, getting our travel details in order and preparing our jobs for the next teachers to take over from us. On top of that I'm trying to switch Street Foodie to Wordpress without losing everything I hold dear, and the rainy season has just hit BIG TIME.

As such all I've got to show for myself is the above photo of a dukbokki/soondae hybrid I recently discovered in Nampodong while scouring the area for a fix. This thing is swimming in so much corn syrup it looks like the creepy plastic food you get outside some restaurants. As such I had kind of expected this to be a medley of the worst features of both dishes, but something in there surprisingly worked. The soodae was a little less gelatinous than I've had it before, feeling somewhat more substantial between the teeth than previous incarnations, and the dukbokki wasn't that bad.