How A Healthy Diet Could Save Your Heart

An article in Time magazine claims that fruits and veggies can halt people’s genetic predispositions to heart problems. For vegetarians and health conscious eaters, it may come as no surprise to hear that fruits and vegetables are good for your heart, but scientists consider this study scientifically interesting because the findings suggest that we don’t need to fall victim to bad genes.

By eating a healthy diet, we may actually be able to overcome nature. The study also suggests that a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables can significantly alter our risk for heart disease – which is still the number one killer in developed countries.

Canadian scientists found that, “people who had [specific genetic variants known to increase the risk of heart disease] but ate lots raw fruits and vegetable showed no increased heart risk, compared with those who had a less healthy diet, who were twice as likely to have a heart attack”

The 2008 movie Food Matters examines not only the healthy effects of eating a whole foods diet, but also how the body is able to combat disease if your diet is 51% raw. Interesting watching and interesting reading.

Thanks to Coexistence of Animals Rights on Earth  [CARE] for the article. Great people doing great things.
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