How to find a random blog in Korea

How do people find my blog? According to google analytics, lots of them go searching for 'Russian prostitutes.' I mentioned it once way back in the day and ever since then it has turned up in every monthly report. Occasionally they stay and keep reading for more than .01 seconds.

....That last paragraph will probably ensure that the Russian prostitute hits continue for another year. Good?

Honestly, I found most of my favorite blogs when I was desk warming this winter and desperate for things to read at my computer once I knocked out an obscene amount of lesson plans. So here is my wonderful guide for finding new ways to kill time!

1. Go to your favorite blog.
2. Click every single one of their links.
3. Click every one of their links.
4. Bookmark what you like.
5. Read everything they've ever written online. 
6. Repeat as boredom allows.

I have my first public school open class tomorrow. I'm not terribly worried. I've done them before and the only people watching will be the other teachers at my school....very few of which speak English.