Hockey Players and Hipsters plan to take the Street for HBC Music Event. – (I mean no feckin’ way, but why the feck not?)

By Mizaru


You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’George Bernard Shaw—Irish Socialist and Dramatist.

Friday Night October 7 from 9 p.m. on and recommencing SaIndigoturday October 8 from 1 p.m. till late, the HBC benefit night and the HBC Happy Music Night are on. The traditional HBC Fest has been shuttered (Read Here) but expats are expats and business is business so the show must go on. Yet is there something in the wind? Does the world rotate through coincidences or have the street protests in Cairo and Morocco set a spark for the “Occupy Wall Street”movement. And has the wind of change and protest blown all the way over to Haebangchon, Seoul? The reasons for the official cancelling of  “The HBC Music Fest” are myriad and not easy to uncover but with the cancellation, perhaps all of the guitar players in HBC can remember the words of Bob Dylan, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

On that weekend when the hood clutters up with rubberneckers, day-trippers and open-mike poets with no talent, it can actually mean something. There is one stroke of organizational genius that will make this another HBC landmark occasion: Turn it into a PROTEST EVENT. Occupy the main drag of Haebangchon. Take the boulevard of Facebook updates and turn it into ‘Liberation Row.’ I mean maybe the Brooklyn Bridge can’t be took so why not take the overpass into Itaewon? What to protest: That you are a rising star in the world and no one knows it, of course!  I mean what is your net worth if only one percent of the people you know believes that you are somebody. Excluding  friends and family who have to pander to you there is another 90% of people in your world who don’t believe you are anything at all! They won’t follow you on Twitter; so what’s to be done about them?  You have to show them. Get yourself camera ready, get on Haebangchon’s one main street and start primal screaming that you have worth.

What to scream?

Here are some tag lines of protest from Cairo andNew York:

“The Revoloution is in Tahir. No Sleeping in Bed.”

“God Reigns over the Crisis, and that man has the mind of a shoe.”


“Give a Damn. Make Banks Pay!”

“Wall Street Belongs to US. Bring your Tent!”


If this doesn’t fit your personal idea of revolution, here are some tag lines you can see on the dirty boulevard in HBC:

@ The Local 6-9 p.m.  2000 won beers.

Phillies, All Rugby Cup games shown Live on the big Screen.

QUIZ NIGHT Coming Soon


Cheap beer, Quiz night, The Big Screen? Ha Ha Ha! The joke is on you. Welcome Tourists and Balloon Heads Welcome!!!

Here is the current performer list that will be posted in all four bars.

Orange Tree, Phillies, The Local, and VFW.

It is currently up on the Facebook page.

V.F.W BENEFIT – Oct 7th

9 p.m. Peniswitch

10 p.m. The Dirty 30’s

11 p.m. 420 Band

12 a.m. Zach and the cosmonauts

Happy Music Night at V.F.W – Oct 8th

1 p.m. Giliflower

2 p.m. Hard Tack and Gruel

3 p.m. Kachisan

4 p.m  Trash Compactor

5 p.m. Magna Fall

6 p.m. The Total Assholes

7 p.m. Sinister

8 p.m. Chanters Alley

9 p.m. The Black Leather Lagon

10 p.m. Seoul City Suicides

11 p.m. Blue Biscuit Blues Band

12 a.m. Sticky Fingers

1 a.m. CRUX

Phillies BENEFIT Oct 7th

9 p.m. The Studs Lonigan Experience

10 p.m. Naughty Aujushi

11 p.m. Hoocheo Koochie Band

12 a.m. Mirrorhouse

Happy Music Night at Phillies : Oct 8th

12 p.m. Seoul Rhythm Pigs

1 p.m. Spanish Lounge

2 p.m. Hajimama

3 p.m. Burl Sackman & The Strategic Sideburns

4 p.m. The International Goat Breeders

5 p.m. Big Boned Rhythm

6 p.m. Kimchi Cowboys

7 p.m. The Fastwalkers

8 p.m. The Rub

9 p.m. Used Cassettes

10 p.m. Harry Big Button

11 p.m. Minha


Music BENEFIT Orange Tree – Oct 7th

9 p.m. James & Dan

10 p.m. Ben Katof

11 p.m. Matthew.H.Wight

12 a.m. Matthew Crane

Happy Music Night at Orange Tree – Oct 8th

2 p.m. Cue The Hip/Hop

3 p.m. Ghettogeeks

4 p.m. Sammy Clay

4:30 p.m. CJ Infinite

5 p.m. Johnny Red

6 p.m. Glass inspired

7 p.m. Carys Jones

8 p.m. Flex Zagazzow

9 p.m. DA Green

10 p.m. Seth Martin & The Menders

11 p.m. John Hughes TRIO

12 a.m. Jessica Rau Lofbomm – Acoustic Duo

Happy Music Night at The Local – Oct 8th

12 p.m. Jordan Stewart

1 p.m. Cody Rose

2 p.m. Ben Akers

3 p.m. Steve David

4 p.m. Yvon Malenfant

5 p.m. Mia Zepeda

6 p.m. Jennifer Waescher

7 p.m. Cael Anton

8 p.m. Tom Gregory

9 p.m. Daniel Vailllancourt

10 p.m. EARL

11 p.m. Rob Roy

12 a.m. Alex Toczek

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