Higher education opportunity

Craig White, the man behind Daegu Pockets (among other side projects like the Korea Beat and Galbijim) sent me some information about an opportunity to get a TESOL certification. From the Facebook event page:

The only TESOL Certificate program developed and disseminated from internationally renown university professors consisting of both academic instruction and the latest practical advice for classroom teaching. This course differs from standard TESOL (CELTA-UK) courses due to its researched and clear focus on classroom tasks that incorporate tasks aimed at quicker L2 acquisition Asian EFL Journal (AEJ) TESOL trainers have received extensive training in academic and practical contexts as well as many years of classroom and curriculum development experience.

*It is one of the very few TESOL Certificates in the world where universities grant accreditation, should you go on to Master's level studies.
*The Certificate is backed by the world's leading EFL/ESL practitioners.
*The courses are taught by EFL/ESL practitioners who are very experienced, qualified, and published in academic journals.
*The cost is considerably cheaper than other certificate courses.
*Apply for Course credit. If you have a degree and teaching experience, you may apply for course credit.
*If you have never taught EFL and wish to enter this profession, we will guide you through the course step by step.
THE COURSE WILL BE: Oct. 24 (Sat) and Oct. 25 (Sun)


The course takes 4 weeks to complete.

---1st weekend is the weekend seminar. 9am-5pm, 9am-5pm - at (Novotel VIP conference Room in DAEGU)
---2nd weekend send in your statement of classroom innovation, literature review and goals of innovation implementation via email to TESOL trainers
---3rd weekend send in action plan (lesson plan) of how to implement innovation and how you will evaluate it via email to TESOL trainers
---4th weekend send in details of class progression and interpretation of lesson plan success/failure via email to TESOL trainers
Upon completion you are given your TESOL certificate.
Another opportunity may be in November - click here for directions. You only have to travel to Daegu for one weekend (the first weekend of this program)

The cost? 690,000 won (about $564 USD) for the course. 110,000 won more gets you a hotel room at Novotel for Saturday night, and 2 lunch and 2 dinner vouchers at the Novotel Buffet.

Is it worth it? Since it's a 120-hour course, it'll be a positive asset towards working in a public school. Also, the education credits are supposed to transfer towards a Masters degree if you're so inclined.

If you're in the market for a TESOL certificate, one weekend's worth of seminar and working on your own is about as convenient as you can get. Learn everything you need to know at the Facebook event page.

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