Handmade Korea Fair 2012

Camp has allowed me to finish work around 12:15 everyday, and although I usually stay and get work done for next semester I try to find time to enjoy current events around Seoul. Going on at COEX right now, at Hall B, is the Handmade Korea Fair. I wanted to go because I like seeing handmade crafts, and in this summer heat you want to be indoors anyways.

The fair was set up with many booths showing off handmade crafts ranging from pottery, jewelry, hairpins and even fine art. I'll take you around the fair by clumping together the handmade stuff I saw into categories.

Pottery or Clay Made:

There were a lot of cups and mugs to be found, but some fun stuff made from clay was also out there, such as the following set of chickens.

I particularly enjoyed these set of cats with their varying poses and colors, however at a price of 70,000 won each I wasn't able to take one home.

Crafty Stuff:

There was a large swath of booths that featured hand painted items, whether it was on fans, napkins or even shoes people seemed to enjoy applying paint to various surfaces.

Knitted items were also a feature at the fair, with handmade hair ties and pins for sale. What I liked most was the artist behind the counter busily working away making new items.

Fine Art:
Amongst the crafty booths and precision made jewelry were some fine-art to be found. One of my art acquaintances was there showing recent and old work.

Martyn Thompson is known for his panoramic photographs, but more recently has been making these light-photo sculptures that had many people stoping by to check them out.

Other Fine Art:

Mural Painters:
My favorite feature of this fair were the various mural painters they had set up throughout the floor. It was fun to walk around one corner and find an artist hard at work on a blank white wall. It gave the event a more fresh feel to it. Mostly, I enjoyed seeing the progress these artists made as I walked passed their mural several times.


The highlight of the whole thing was when I started talking to one of the mural artists and apparently they could make you a silk-screen print on site. Just 20,000 won and you got yourself an authentic piece of art. The artist was from Japan, and I wondered if I was taking home something from a famous artist.

The rest are pictures I took from the fair that have no real category. I enjoyed the way people set up their booth, and also there were some sections where you could make things.

The fair will be happening this weekend if you still want to check it out. To get in costs 10,000 won, which isn't too bad and you end up supporting artists. Plus you have the whole mall of COEX to explore afterwards, which in my opinion is not a bad way to spend a hot summer day.