Grab the last chance to feel the the vibe of “My Love from the Star”

Remember last winter when Do Min Jun and Chun Song Yi were fighting for their love despite the obstacles? One thing that was also on the spotlight was their huge and almost extravagant fancy looking houses. And surprisingly they were all on set, designed to best show the two protagonists’ daily lives.

Luckily enough, you can see it for yourself how Chun Song Yi and Do Min Jun lived. From Do Min Jun’s library to Chun Song Yi’s bedroom, now you can become the protagonist of the big hit drama.

We first went to Do Min Jun’s house.

SAM_8312 SAM_8315 SAM_8317 SAM_8319 SAM_8349

And Chun Song Yi’s house as well, which looked more feminine (of course) and fancy just like how I imagined a celebrity’s house to be.

SAM_8313 (1) SAM_8346 SAM_8362

It almost felt like we were at the shooting scene and brought up the memories watching the episodes. You can take as many pictures as you want! There’s a souvenir shop as well so that people can buy items related with the drama.


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