Gayspeak: 미검출 (undetectable) 전파불가 (untransmissible)

While searching for an interesting article this week to translate, I stumbled upon an article in the Hankyoreh titled Gabriel Yun's 20 years of fighting for human rights togeand HIV ... Fighting and living together. The article is a retrospective on Gabriel Yun's activism. It is a bit long for me to translate here, but there are some good vocabulary words that I thought I'd introduce. 

Both words are pretty straightforward. The first, 미검출, means undetectable. For example, 

지속적인 HIV 치료제 복용을 통해 바이러스 미검출 수준을 유지하면 타인을 감염시킬 수 없는 상태가 된다.

Through continuous treatment, if you are able to maintain the virus at an undetectable level, the virus is not transmittable to others. 

The second word, 전파불가, means un-transmittable, the result of having undetectable levels of the virus. This word is being used for the coronavirus situation as well. 

확진후 20일지나면 바이러스 전파 불가`

After 20 days, the virus is no longer transmittable. 

Keep up the gay lingo studies!