Fruit Roll-Ups

These were a favourite of mine as a kid and even as an adult I find myself craving something sweet by mid-afternoon. However, this recipe is far healthier and simpler than those childhood treats. For starters it has only two ingredients .


2 cups of cleaned and stalked fruit. I used strawberries (tired fruit is perfect)

3 tbsp of agave nectar, or another natural sweeter like honey or maple syrup. 

In a blender, pulse the strawberries and agave nectar until smooth. It will be bubbly and pinky. Tip the mixture onto a non-stick oven-liner or an enclosed dish lined with a thin clear plastic film (see picture below). Place in a pre-heated oven on a super low heat ~ 130˚C for 6 hours. If you’re unlikely to be home for 6 hours straight, you can turn the oven off while your out and return the berry mixture to the oven once it’s reheated. If you have a dehydrator, all the better. 

Note on the plastic: The oven must be preheated. If the element is red-hot while the mixture is in it, the plastic may melt. Otherwise the plastic should not affect the mixture as the temperature is so low. It will peel off without leaving residue.

You’ll know when the strawberries are done because the mixture will turn hard and be slightly transparent but darker in colour. You should be able to touch it without any staying on your finger.

When it’s cooled, peel of the plastic film with ease and transfer the flat berry mixture onto a non-stick grease paper. From here the berry mixture will become strawberry ‘roll-ups’. Cut into strips and roll. Store in an air-tight container at room temperature for two weeks. They’re ready to eat when you are.


FYI: CAt’s do not like fruit roll-ups.
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