[Fourteen] Teddy Bear Museum (Jeju Island Part II)

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I never had the chance to do a part II for my blog entry on Jeju Island, so I thought that I would share some pictures that I took at the Teddy Bear Museum there. It's an amazing place, if you like teddy bears. :)

So, apparently, this  teddy bear museum is one of a kind in Korea

This place was really fun to go to. And, don't worry, it wasn't just for kids. I think I saw more adults in there actually :) don't we all love our teddy bears?

When you first enter the museum, you are introduced to the history of teddy bears. Did you know that "teddy" got its name from the US President Theodore Roosevelt?

You are looking at how some of the earliest teddy bears looked like!

After some history, it's just teddy bear madness. Basically, teddy bears in every setting and scenary that you can imagine :)

at picnic

LV bears

Korean (?) teddy bears getting married haha

and... no way... it's that famous painting by Michaelangelo!

Yes, recreated with bears!


They also showcase famous bears such as the one pictured below.

Do you remember this little fellow?

He was featured in the drama "Princess Hours" (Goong/ MBC 드라마 궁)

Ta-da! Isn't he adorable?


The really cool part of this museum is that, after going to the gift shop, there's even more to see outdoors.

Outdoors, there are various fountains, statues, etc. featuring (what else?) bears! The fountain pictured above was interesting because at every hour bears come out of it and give a mini performance. It's kind of like those cuckoo clocks.

polar bears!

I hope that you'll have a chance to visit the museum one day :) I had a great time there with my family!

Once again, happy new year to you and I will meet you once again through another post!

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