"Foreign nationals make up 2.4% of Seoul population"

Just a quick report from the Korea Herald while I work on compiling some other blogposts. We foreigners make up 2.4% of Seoul - but read on for plenty of details:

The number of foreign residents in Seoul as of the end of last year reached 255,000, according to the city's e-Seoul Statistics, published yesterday. The corresponding figure in 1998 was 51,000.

Among all 152 nationalities, 192,618 (75.5 percent) of the foreign residents were Chinese, followed by the United States with 12,821 (5 percent), Taiwan with 8,818 (3.5 percent) and Japan with 6,840 (2.7 percent).

The Chinese residents mostly live in the western districts of Yeoungdeungpo and Guro, while Americans mostly reside in southern Gangnam and central Yongsan, where a major U.S. Armed Forces unit is located. The Taiwanese favored the Seodaemun and Mapo area.

So the number of foreigners are up 500% in the last 10 years and Americans make up only five percent of the foreigners here... Granted, it doesn't say much about the other nations that send teachers... It's always nice to get some actual numbers though.

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