Finally, A Worthwhile Editorial From The Korea Herald


Most of the Time, The Korea Herald is a Waste of Time
The Korea Herald is the most widely read, English-language newspaper in Korea. Here, the Seoul Gyopo Guide has pointed out that the articles are either not newsworthy, or are just glorified advertisements. Perhaps the agenda of the newspaper itself is to promote Korea to an English-speaking world.

This Editorial About English, However, is 100% Correct
Professor Suh of POSTECH, one of Korea’s leading universities, eloquently penned this editorial for The Korea Herald. In it, the author points out why English is so important for Korea. The Seoul Gyopo Guide has made similar points. It is a central thesis of this blog; Korea needs English in order to continue its advancement in the economic world order. There is only one language (even the Chinese will likely admit) in which this order is determined: English. In short, if you believe that this blog is simply a “foreigner’s” view of Korea, or that the bias of this blog is only from a gyopo‘s point of view, think again. Professor Suh makes the case, and makes the case very, very well.

Teach Business English? Bring the Article to Class
For Business English students in Korea, English can be a burden. You can find many secretaries, as well as executives, studying for the TOEIC. Certainly, you will find 어학원들 (language hagwons) where the students are not elementary, middle or secondary school students, but are adults. Motivation may be an issue. For those instructors and hagwons that have to teach adults Business English, perhaps copying Professor Suh’s editorial and distributing it is a very good idea. The native Korean students may be better persuaded when someone as unquestionably qualified as Professor Suh makes these statements.

P.S. The Seoul Gyopo Guide has no affiliation with POSTECH or Professor Suh.