"excellent and sometimes beautiful photo"

Talked to my parents via Skype
watched 'Bad Teacher'
woman love, best type
so snoozy, stage five leaker. 
Basked in the sun
sipped my iced mocha 
I could have had more than one
lived la vida loca. 
Brunch at the Wolfhound Pub
barely arrived alive
I needed a tummy rub
definitely did the porcelain dive. 
Flipped through my photo book
and enjoyed my eggs and bakey
the lime green cover was all it took.
Woke up shakey
star fishes decorated the room
fits of laughter
snapshots of the night, zoom zoom zoom
looked like disasters. 
Face down outside Elune
so not okay
made the boys swoon
mayday, mayday!
Rocked and rolled
one flip wonder met her match
shots, shots, shots I was told
even saw someones snatch.
Big Apple pre game
little black dress, 5 inch heels
primp, push up, you know, same same
should have had a proper meal. 
Toasts from the girls I love the most
cake too beautiful to eat
really I'm not trying to boast
what a twist of fate that made us meet
But thank god that we did
I can't imagine life without you now
although its time to make our bids
this is not goodbye or ciao
so lets leave it there
keep in touch and share our next endeavors
take care
love you forever. 
Girls, you know who you are. Thank-you so much for the most precious birthday and heartfelt words.