Examination day with BGN! Let`s learn more together!


Examination day with BGN! Let`s learn more together!

Many patients wish to get rid of glasses or contact lenses, but don`t know what to start with.
It is not as complicated as you may think!

Today BGN Eye Hospital will introduce you each step you may face when visiting us for a LASIK consultation. Let`s start!

Step 1. Registration and personal information gathering

All patients fill in informational paper in preferred language (English, Russian, Korean)
We check previous medical history and history of contact lenses use. Also we check patient`s preferences and lifestyle to make sure the best customized surgery would be recommended after examination.

Step 2 Examination

BGN provides over 50+ comprehensive examinations to choose the best option for each patient.

These examinations include retina OCT, fundus check, corneal endothelial cells check, corneal topography, ORB and Pentacam cornea check, corneal pachymetry (cornea thickness check).

Corneal examinations are very important as corneal thickness, shape and diameter play main role in choosing Laser Vision Correction type.

MR check - or manual refraction check is also a very important examination during which we check patient`s refractive errors and maximum possible correction. That`s when we can let you know if you should expect 20/20 vision after surgery

Step 3 Doctor`s visit

 So all examinations are done and the next step would be doctor`s visit. After analysing examination results doctor will let you know if all eye structures including cornea and retina are healthy and if you are a candidate for all kinds of surgeries or just some of them.

Step 4 Surgery consultation

During surgery consultation we will explain in detail all examination results, explain possible surgery options, answer all your questions and help to choose the best option for each patient.

Step 5 DNA test

After deciding on the surgery type, we will proceed with the surgery booking on the preferred date. Surgery also can be done on the same day upon patient`s wish. Usually DNA testing takes from 24 to 48 hours, but in case of the same day surgery express test, that takes only 2 hours, is also available without any extra charge. DNA testing is included in every surgery price, and is done with the purpose to check that patient does not have Avellino corneal genetic disease and Laser Vision Correction is fully safe.

Now you have spent one examination day with BGN, and are one step closer to your 20/20 vision!

The next step would be to contact us and book a free LASIK consultation to find the best option for you!

Currently BGN has winter discounts for all types of SMILE surgeries as well as huge promotion upcoming for Lunar New Year holidays. Hurry up to book your appointment these holidays season today!


To book a consultation at BGN please contact them at direct line 010-7670-3995

Kakao: eye1004bgnbusan,

Facebook : eyehospitalinkorea  or

Email: maria@bgnhospital.com