Ewha University announces lawsuit against James Cameron's 'Avatar'

Source: TimesOnline

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - In a press conference yesterday, Ewha Womans University has announced a lawsuit filed against 'Avatar' producer James Cameron. They claim that the name of the goddess 'Eywa' was inspired by their school, and that the pronunciation is essentially the same.

The university, Ewha, is pronounced 'eh-hwa', while the deity mentioned in the film is pronounced 'ay-hwa'. "That's too similar", according to Lee Jung Seo, the senior Ewha University official holding the press conference.

The lawsuit, currently being filed in a Korean court, is calling for 1% of the movie's worldwide gross revenue. As of this report, that would be over 1.5 million U.S. dollars. This money would supposedly be a 'licensing fee' for the use of 'Eywa' in the current blockbuster. "Even though the use of our name was probably unintentional, it could cause confusion between the deity and the university." The 'licensing fee' would not include any Avatar sequels that are already being talked about. "We'd expect to work out a licensing agreement or they would have to change the name of an established character in one of the biggest movies of all time."

"We can't believe they didn't ask our permission! After all, Ewha Womans University is well-known across the world for our superior education of women. 'Eywa' is just a fictional character in a foreign movie", Lee continued.

When an American reporter asked about how great the education at Ewha can be when there are two grammatical errors in the name of the university, the following scene took place:

(Source: Dokdo is Ours)

The Korean government could not be reached for comment, although a spokesperson for Cheong Wa Dae mumbled something about how easy it was to find a pirated copy in every subway station.

A spokesman for James Cameron had no comment, stating "we do not comment on silly lawsuits filed in courts of other countries".

Unlike most of my other posts, this post is completely made up and satirical in nature. I shouldn't HAVE to say that, but ya know...

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