Eat, Play, Dance! The most delicious performance in Korea! ‘Bibap’

Bibap is a Korean nonverbal performance with the concept of Korean representative dish ‘Bibimbap.’ The show describes the cooking competition of chefs through the combination of music with b-boying, acrobatic, and martial arts. Started in 2008 as a 30 minute show, Bibap has actively participated in international and domestic food fairs, biennales, and even 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our Trazy user, Jihyeon L, visited the Bibap show. She said it was great fun. Shall we listen to her story of how much she enjoyed it? bibap7 Using the subway line 2, I got off at Euljiro 3 (sam)-ga Station and took exit 1. When you come out of the station, turn right and walk until you find the crosswalk. Cross the street and walk a few more minutes. Next to the police station, there is ‘Cine Core.’ It isn’t hard to find the theater because the big posters of ‘Bibap’ are posted on walls. bibap2 bibap3 At the ticket box, there are time tables for the show and pamphlets. Pamphlets have two versions, KR/JP/EN and EN/CN. On the back of the pamphlets, there are more details about the performance. bibap5 bibap6bibap8 There is a way to the theater on the left side of the ticket box. The theater is at the 2nd basement floor. I used a stairway when going down and took an elevator when going up. I highly recommend using the stairway because there were lots of cute images on the wall! bibap9 bibap10 bibap11 bibap12 In front of the stage hall, there were a gift shop, a wall explaining today’s show, and a photo spot. Also, there was a toilet room next to the hall. bibap13 bibap14 The hall and the stage looked like this. There were really many tourists from a lot of countries. Before the show started, one actor came up and communicated with the audiences to make them comfortable. bibap15 bibap16 The main story of this show is the competition between two master chefs, green and red at ‘BIBAP’ restaurant. They make sushi, pizza, chicken noodle, and bibimbap. In each round, one of the audiences chooses the main chef and the final chef is selected! bibap17 As it was a nonverbal show, the actors danced and sang songs to the beatbox. Sometimes they did mime and spoke very easy English. The most attractive point of this show was ‘the participation of the audiences’. In each round, at least one or two audiences have to go up to the stage and participate in the show with the actors. Some audiences danced and sang. Even one of the audiences acted like an actor. It was really funny! The audiences who participated got special presents. In the middle of the show, we played a pillow throwing game with the actors. White pillows represented the rice in Bibimbap. It was a real active part of the show. The actors were continuously hit by the pillows that the audiences threw. The last part of the show was ‘Bibimbap’. The two chefs brought out their hidden cards of their secret recipes in order to be selected by the audiences as a top chef. One of the audiences tasted the real dishes and made the final decision. bibap18 There was a photo time with the actors. I liked the funny red chef ;) The show contains every country’s dishes so it can draw the attention of audiences from various countries.  Also, it can promote bibimbap and what it is in an interesting way. It was my first time watching a musical. I really had wanted to experience a festive and exciting thing and the show clearly met up my expectation. Go and enjoy! bibap19 button
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