Does This Seem Like Two Countries on the Brink? Nope.

S. Korea Suggests Red Cross to Negotiate Family Reunions
Today, the mK Daily reported that South Korea has requested that the Red Cross negotiate family reunions with North Korea. So while the rumor-mongers would like to try to convince whoever will listen that the Korean peninsula is precariously close to the brink of war, this blog has strongly disagreed, on multiple occasions. While military accidents may, and do, occur, it will take something other than state-sanctioned attacks that would lead to a sustained conflict of any wort. That has been, is, and will continue to be the central hypothesis of this blog. There are too many with too much to lose, especially in South Korea, for this to occur.
Today’s mk Daily article highlights another aspect of the unlikelihood; Koreans, especially elders, whose families have been shredded as the result of the Korean War, think of themselves as Korean first, and not divided by political ideology. Until that generation ceases to exist due to natural causes, it will be almost impossible to convince either set of citizens that war is a necessary solution.