Disturbing Suicide Food

Disturbing Suicide Food

I recently discovered this term, having noticed the illogical trend a long time ago. Suicide food is the sickening practice of advertising animal meat by displaying pictures of animals self mutilating, eager to be eaten or wide-eyed at the opportunity for cannibalism.

Check out these examples of animals which can’t wait to be eaten by people. If you have your own examples, add a link or send through a pic.

This restaurant displays what it sells – octopus. But upon closer inspection you notice something strange about the restaurant icon. It’s an octopus excited to be eaten; smiling at the prospect of being your dinner or is he keen to kill and cook other octopus for you to eat?

And from around the world.

So what do you think.

Love it or hate it? Is it illogical or simply disturbing?

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