Did Anything Happen Whilst I Was On Break

Back and Better Than Ever….
Ya take a little time off, and a few things have occurred, right up the Seoul Gyopo Guide’s alley….
1. Some bird got elected to be the President of Korea, and in the most ironic of twists, she probably represents the greatest juxtaposition of recent Korean history, economics, and gender that someone could possibly imagine. WOW WOW WOW (Settle down if you a woman over the use the word “bird,” which means female in Britain.)
2. Some dude totally failed logic in the U.S., and it lost him a win-able election. Oh, he also failed math. Oh, he has a Harvard MBA. The winner just did what he was supposed to do, despite himself. And the mayor of Chicago sat there, saying to himself, “I would never have let it come to this. It would’ve been over MONTHS ago.”
3. Some nutbag jumping around singing a meaningless song, in a nation that probably wins the “best collective nation at singing” contest in the world, hit the most-watched video EVER on YouTube. Wonder how the musically-gifted in korea (there are many) get a full-night’s sleep?
4. Korean companies did their annual, year-end, productivity-seeping, economically useless, chair shuffle, as shareholders watched the KOSPI lower by 15% compared to the 2012 high.
5. Housing in the Gangnam has slid EVEN MORE (as predicted here), with policy solutions not helping. It is now too late. Over.
6. Don’t look now, but the Japanese Yen is MUCH CHEAPER now compared to the Korean Won, at exactly the wrong time.

Happy New Year, I gotta get writing….