Destination: Ttukseom Han River Park

The newest of the Han River Parks, Ttukseom opened recently to a fairly typical crowd of Koreans - and at least one foreigner. You're quite close to the Seoul Forest - also highly worth a visit - but getting from point A to point B requires a little legwork. Not pictured near the entrance is a kids play area that required a paid admission.

Like most of the other recently-opened Han River Parks, trees are in somewhat short supply, giving you that everything-was-constructed feeling. The roses are nice, but the timing seems a bit short - this is October, after all.

A large sandbox - don't worry, there's a gate just off-screen to the right.

A fountain built in perhaps an Italian style, although it's been turned off for the time being. Either it's not done yet or they don't want to take any chances with the colder weather.

After a wonderful sunset, it was time to enjoy the skyline at night, along with another favorite park activity:

Fireworks are popular almost anytime of the year - no holiday needed.

It's constructed, it offers plenty to see, and there's more than enough people around. What more do you need? Enjoy it before it gets too cold.

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Directions to Ttukseom Han River Park: Take line 7 of the Seoul subway system to the Ttukseom Resort. Take exit 2 or 3 to sidewalk level. Look around and enjoy.

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