Destination: Dongseong-ro (Daegu)

Considered one of the better shopping districts in Daegu, Dongseong-ro is much like Myeongdong in Seoul, except smaller. Start with the usual selection of chain clothing stores; once you're past those, a number of side streets begin to open up:

As you might guess, street clothes are a good bit cheaper.

While not the only lights worth seeing, these are permanently built into the 'wood' and visible year-round. Go ahead - try to follow the lights...

While the shopping street starts near Daegu (subway) Station and goes past Jungangno station, don't forget about the underground shopping area connected to Jungangno station.

Quite a few photo studios call the underground shopping center home - all of which seem to show the beautiful / plastic surgery / Photoshopped people of Daegu.

We met up with a few foreigners during dinner, who led us to a foreigner-friendly-bar:

That's Billabowl - a mash-up of pool and bowling, gone arcade style.

If you're planning a trip to Daegu, it's worth a walk down during your free time. It's not worth a trip by itself - combine it with an excursion to Pagyesa or any number of other places around Daegu.

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Directions to Dongseong-ro: take line 1 of the Daegu subway system to Daegu station. Follow the signs to Dongseong-ro / City Hall, then take a non-numbered exit up to street level.

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