Dear Korea #139: It's Not the Size That Counts



The situation in the comic actually happened when I went to visit Seoul sometime last year. The only difference was that the last few panels totally didn’t happen, because I’m a coward who’s too scared to yell at people I know. Instead, I prefer to wait some time and then draw passive aggressive comics. Go me.

I love Seoul. I really do. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. That being said, I also love Gwangju, which is where I’ve been living since I first arrived in South Korea. Sure, we may not have a Taco Bell, Costco, or all the other perks that come with living in Seoul, but I’m not in any denial when I say that I genuinely like living in this city. I’m certainly not trying to turn this into any sort of argument on which city is better than the other, as such opinions will definitely vary depending on the person giving them. I’m just not a fan of people talking smack about the city I’ve chosen to call home for over five years. If you think Busan is better than Jinju, great. If you appreciate the conveniences that come with living in a place like Incheon over residing in a quiet place like Damyang, awesome. All I ask is to not be so smug about it. To those of my readers who enjoy the smaller cities they’re living in, represent! Tell us about where you live and why others should consider it!

What I find hilarious is that Gwangju is actually one of the larger cities in South Korea. Before I moved here, my mother, who was born and raised in Seoul, warned me that this place would be nothing but hicks and farmland. Either she was dead wrong with her assumptions, or my definition of the country is way off.

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