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Dear Korea #084

Ack, this comic’s a week late. How embarrassing  If it’s any consolation, I bring you this comic combined with news that Dear Korea will be going back to its old weekly schedule! Yay for regularity! Here’s hoping I don’t run out of ideas too soon.

First off, this particular strip is in no way complaining about the prices I actually do pay for cheese or any other imported goods I purchase due to being homesick. I know that the amazing businesses that do make such items available are doing their best, and I would cry forever if they were to disappear due to not being able to turn a profit. Still, I never imagined myself paying close to 20,000 won (around $18 for my American readers) for a generic brand block of sharp cheddar cheese when I refused to pay more than $5 for the good stuff back home.

It’s kind of funny to think how excited I get as a foreigner whenever I find something abroad that reminds me of where I came from. It’s also less depressing to see that I’m not alone when it comes to stuff like this. I guess despite how much we love living far from home, it’s still nice to have access to certain reminders that serve as somewhat of a comfort blanket to help deal with those more stressful days. For me, that comfort comes from cheddar cheese (love the stuff). At least the prices keep me from overdoing it, as I’m sure a diet consisting of mostly milk fats is far from ideal.

I do wonder if I’ll get giddy over random Korean things whenever I move away from here.

Special thanks to the awesome people at The First Alleyway for making my terribly unhealthy habits possible! If you’re ever in Gwangju and want some awesome Western food, this is the place to go! No, I was not paid in delicious cheese to make this shout out.

Finally, yes, the joke was indeed inspired by a very old joke from The Simpsons (back when it was in its prime). I miss what that show used to be..

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