Dear Korea #080 - A Little Privacy Please

Dear Korea #080

Yay! A new comic! It’s on time too! This is something I shouldn’t be celebrating!

Anyways, the situation presented in this strip is one that happens a LOT more often than I thought it did (especially in smaller cities). I guess it’s something I don’t ever experience too much while on my own, as I look fairly Korean. Whenever I was out with my flock of foreigner friends, I always assumed people were looking over our way due to all the English they were hearing. It wasn’t until I started going for more walks with my very uncommon roommate that I noticed people blatantly staring and taking not-so-sneaky pictures.

According to my non-Korean looking friends, this fairly common occurence. Now I completely understand the curiosity, but I guess I find the whole staring and taking pictures aspect of it rather confusing. My very Korean mother taught me that doing such things were rude, and to not be so obvious if I absolutely had to be a creeper. Maybe times have changed? Either way, I think it’s somewhat adorable (though awkward).

To any Koreans that might come across this comic page, just know that it’s usually okay to ask someone if you can take their picture. While I can’t speak for everyone, I’ve come to learn that the strange looking people I know are more than happy to play celebrity for a few minutes for anyone that’s brave enough to ask. I’m sure it’d be nicer to have a proper picture of someone than to have a paprazzi type photo of them looking lost and confused…unless you’re into that?

Anyways, if you have any similarly awkward/hilarious stories to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section! While I’m not the most responsive person in the world, I do love to read each and every single post!

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